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Africa’s Commercial Bank Mafia


Africa’s central and commercial banks are engaging in active misinformation as well as disinformation to manipulate millions on Africans to solely relying on their services. The fractional reserve banking system coupled with the fact that central banks can never go under regardless of reprehensible monetary policies only serving the interests of the governments and 1% elites is a red flag.

The corporate “mainstream” media currently suffering due to social media rendering them redundant rely greatly on revenue from advertisements from commercial banks thus have no interest in exposing the truth in this regard. This is the 2nd article in BitcoinMtaani’s “LEGAL THEFT IN AFRICA” May 2021 series which exposes how commercial banks in Africa operate to the detriment of all whom fall prey to their deception.


Contrary to popular opinion your bank only keeps a very small percentage of all the money deposited thus they cannot refund all the money every client has ‘safely’ stored with them all at once. This is why bank runs force banks to default and the worst part is the Africans who put their hard earned cash in their accounts are not even first on the list of those who get refunded.

Imperial, Chase and currently Spire bank are glaring examples of the greed commercial banks have and how the regulators are clearly asleep.’ The banks exist to make profit and have the power to manipulate the regulators. Internationally bankers are a protected breed as they never go to jail for financial crimes amounting to Billions such as their facilitation of the NYS Scandal leaving jails full petty offenders such as chicken thieves.


Fractional reserve banking is the sleight of hand that commercial banks use to create new money from thin air. The amount of deposits that commercial banks need to hold by law is known as the required reserve. The other percentage is referred to as the excess reserves which the banks are free to loan out.

The fact that banks do not use exiting deposits to make loans but rather simply create new money is as unbelievable to most Africans as it is contemplating how the hell this can be legal.

21,000,000 is the fixed number of Bitcoin that will every exist. 1 Bitcoin = 100,000,000 Satoshi (Sats). Choosing a transparent, decentralized ledger that protects your privacy while making it possible to send and receive Bitcoin anytime without permission or exorbitant fees is the only viable alternative. African youth need to ditch Shitcoins and immediately start stacking sats.


False information which is intended to mislead, especially propaganda issued by a government organization to a rival power or the media is the definition of disinformation. Central banks present themselves as champions of the populous across Africa however, the reality is they serve the interests of the governments they serve to the detriment of millions who have had no choice but to trust them until now. Commercial bank lobby groups are constantly pressuring central banks and various regulators to get maximum profits.

African youth and young adults cannot rely on their governments or regulators to protect them from the agenda of commercial banks. Opting to a decentralized and transparent monetary system free from the control of state actors thanks to technology now provides a viable alternative for them to not only survive in the new normal but thrive financially.

Seigniorage is the profit made by the government by issuing currency especially the difference between the face value of the coins and their production costs while stagflation is the slow economic growth and relatively high unemployment or economic stagnation. The latter is a reality to all African counties with the youth being not only the largest segment of the population but also the one increasing in population the most. This demonstrates the governments self-interest to maintain the legacy financial system while as always ignoring those who are suffering the most as like Jon Snow, they think African youth know nothing.


This is a word constantly pounded on Africans by the corporate media and corporations asserting themselves as the S.I Unit of truth. Algorithms on social media hunt for individuals espousing ‘alternative’ facts who are immediately shadow banned or deplatformed in accordance to their agenda, beliefs, vague guidelines, policies and or values.

Cancel culture is a weapon used to lynch individuals or organizations without meaningful engagement of the facts they put forth. This has real world implications as commercial banks have the financial muscle to protect their self-interest by exploiting Africans through misinformation to kill the truth of the financial options Africans have.

Unlike the 5-10 minute ‘Business news’ segments provided during the 2+ hours news bulletins by the corporate media which give no value to Africans, there are numerous channels to get legitimate financial news. Angel investors, industry experts, professionals and various stakeholders in this idea whose time has come offer value through various platforms for FREE. Channels such as hope that is a great place for African youth and young adults to unlearn the conventional wisdom that continues to enslave them furthermore, learn how to financially liberate themselves.


Self-sovereignty is the only way African youth and young adults can opt out of the current system being manipulated by commercial banks. The authoritarian governments, elite, dictators and regulators in Africa do not give a damn about the youth. The plight of African youth is only pontificated about by corporations and government official enjoying overpaid positions to simply virtue signal to the largest segment of Africa’s population that they are aware.

Everything in Africa only serves the spawn of those who benefited immediately after colonization by gaining power and the elite they tolerate do their dirty work either through corrupt business or political game of thrones. African youth, save thyself.

BITCOIN. This is the way

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