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Bitcoin & Mortality


As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, every African as with all living beings will die one day. African youth and young adults think that that day is far away not withstanding all the challenges they disproportionately have to face to simply survive on a day to day basis compared to their age mates in other continents. Pondering on one’s impending demise not with a sense of fear or helplessness but with an objective view to make the most of their finite time on earth to make the most of what they have to offer is wise.

Technology is an asset that all Africans regardless of their beliefs, careers, competencies, political affiliations, lived experience, knowledge, sex and or current station in life can be applied to expedite the quality of what they aim to achieve in a shorter timeframe.


On 22nd April 2021 I received my first COVID19 vaccine. As a very healthy African man who has never been hospitalized and has endured various very physically tasking trainings successfully, I unfortunately had one of the worst nights in my life that made me contemplate mortality seriously. Various vaccination drives in Africa have left people damaged for life thus very high skepticism which is not done any favors by incompetent management of the pandemic by African authorities. I had to be ‘resourceful’ as the sub heading means to acquire the vaccine solely due a lucrative opportunity that presented itself.

Majority of African youth would have done the same in an instant, side effects be damned to simply comply to the new normal which pretends the jab is voluntary only to hinder your ability to fend for yourself optimally in reality.


Social media is extremely popular among African youth and young adults. Legitimate causes such as #UNLOCKOURCOUNTRY by Kenyans on Twitter (#KOT) are a force to highlight the injustice forced by the detached ruling class on ordinary citizens. Entertainment through memes and various forms of art provide much needed relief to escape the realities of life which were already crippling to the youth Pre-COVID19 lockdown measures being thrust upon them currently. Evil is also alive and well in this platforms with terrorists being known to prey on vulnerable African youth by brainwashing them thus indoctrination to their sinister plots.

How an African youth will choose to spend their data and time in cyberspace will make or break their future desires, goals and aspirations regardless of their brilliance, competence and intellect.

Consciously choosing to unlearn the toxic conventional wisdom that keeps them in servitude to the elite, governments and current fiat based monetary financial system is the first step. Hive.one is an ideal place to start to engage, interact, learn and potentially collaborate with the most brilliant minds in the Bitcoin echo system. Legitimate Bitcoin education resources are available for FREE to make the move to the best store of value known to man.


This is a Swahili phrase meaning the reality of issues in regards to how they impact ordinary citizens, not how they may be portrayed in good light by authorities. Freedom of speech is an ideal most African leaders pretend to abide by but having the power to control law enforcement agencies thus unlawful arrest and vague laws such as on hate speech enable them to maneuver around it.

Activists seeking to articulate issues affecting the citizenry have been arrested and jailed. Exorbitant bonds by the judiciary on such cases on their own act as deterrents to anyone gathering any courage to speak truth to power.

While big tech for instance Twitter and Facebook work with governments to shape the narrative to what beliefs and values they hold dear as per their agenda, Blockchain technology will keep Africans censorship resistant. Unstoppable Domains is a viable way that Africans can make sure their content and platforms remain available for posterity even though they are blocked, censored, de-platformed, harassed and or shadow banned by the powers that be.

A very blunt but honest article such as this can illicit the wrath of Big Tech and the +254 GVT because of mentioning vaccines as well as encouraging African youth to migrate to Bitcoin respectively. It serves to show how being straight forward in regards to topics currently affecting millions of Africans around the continent will be quashed by the self-interest of the mentioned powers.

Someone has to do it.


No one is coming to save African youth. The authoritarian regimes, dictators and or state captured 3rd world countries in the continent are controlled by mediocre ‘leaders.’ The west can only do so much as charlatans, primarily elites in good terms with the authorities divert most of the aid to their personal accounts while taking more photographs of poor and destitute Africans to keep the aid coming with impunity.

The east (China) is not our friend. Gross human rights violations of their citizens punishing Africans like dogs in our own continent are disgusting. They are only here to further their national agenda of the ‘Belt & Road’ through giving corrupt governments more aid than they can handle hoping to take strategic infrastructure as they did to Sir Lanka.

Just as the offspring of African rulers and their elite cronies are not in the front lines of law enforcement acting as cannon fodder for their parent’s mediocrity, poor African youth can solely rely on themselves to escape being used and manipulated.

Playing the victim and waiting for a savior may be a luxury youth in foreign jurisdictions can afford but African youth must realize they have greater obstacles to making the positive change they want to see. The only way forward is to adopt Bitcoin and Blockchain technology post haste as they do not need their local rulers or foreign powers permission. Cyberspace is the only equal opportunity environment African youth can leverage to make the most out of all the resources they have to create a better world.

As a decentralized ledger, available for anyone to view thus verify while maintaining individual privacy, Bitcoin is the best option compared to constant surveillance by banks or M-Pesa tracking your every move.


All African youth and young adults owe it to themselves to leave a better world than they were ushered into. Contemplating one’s mortality with a view to create a sense of urgency in actualizing what you aim to achieve in life will create accountability as only what gets measured, can be realized. Being fortunate to be alive at a point in time where technology in the monetary system as with everything else is transitioning to the digital space is a generational wealth creation opportunity African youth cannot afford to miss out on.

Making the conscious decision to unlearn conventional wisdom that is keeping Africa in the dark is the first step. Embracing Bitcoin and Blockchain technology to expedite your capacity to emancipate yourself from systems stifling your input to make your mark on this world is the 2nd step. Making sure your beneficiaries practically know how to use the technology in your absence is the last step and purpose of this article.


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