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Earn Bitcoin

The new normal has disenfranchised million across the globe due to COVID19 lockdown regulations thus loss of work and business closures. Entire industries will be forever changed with technological advancements as well as remote work set to utilize less human capital to produce the same if not superior products and services.


Exchanges are fiat currency on-off-ramps to cryptocurrency. They make it possible to buy / sell crypto currency for fiat currency. If you are not at the table in Bitcoin you are on the fiat currencies menu, as the printers go Brrr inflation is eating you alive.

The Cash ‘Deposit’ Trap

Most Africans are not aware that a fiat currency (Cash) ‘deposit’ to a commercial bank is in fact an unsecured loan to the commercial bank. To add insult to injury, the commercial bank solely dictates the terms of the loan they are giving rendering them at a great disadvantage as they are not even guaranteed to get their ‘deposit’ back in full.

Bitcoin Portfolio Construction

Taking the time to put together a structured investment portfolio before you start dipping your toes in any asset class acts as a true north, guiding you in line with what you intend to achieve throughout your journey.

Bitcoin Money Management

Having transacted a cumulative value of over $4 Trillion without the need or assistance of any bank or government as per Coin Metrics Network Data Pro, Bitcoin it is an idea whose time has come.

Bitcoin Mining In Africa

Bitcoin mining is the process of utilizing energy by solving a computational problem to secure the network a transaction at a time and getting a block reward as remuneration.

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