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CBDC Funny Business


Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) are all the rage from regulators of monetary systems to anyone who will listen in the new normal. This started long before the pandemic as Bitcoin is liberating the masses from the yoke of the fiat based legacy financial system.

Governments around the world outright banning Bitcoin through legislation and or restricting how citizens use Bitcoin has only served to expedite its adoption as they cannot enforce the draconian anti-Bitcoin regulation. Nigeria and China’s efforts to ban Bitcoin failed and Turkey banning the use of Crypto for payments is the latest in governments worldwide exercises in futility.

CBDC are just the digitization of the fiat currency based legacy financial system which has failed the world. Bitcoin is the best performing asset in the last decade with annualized returns of + 200% and the best store of value in the globe. CBDC will be manipulated to have a stable price however your purchasing power is guaranteed to decline.


Central banks have various functions which include but not limited to:

  • Bankers to governments
  • Managing a nations fiat currency: Payment, price and supply
  • Oversee fractional banking
  • Promote their jurisdictions economic goals
  • Sustain price stability


There are many central banks all over the word with the American and European one’s being at the top of the pecking order in regards to their influence globally. In Africa their influence is very great with central bank governors always echoing their sentiments because governments dependent on aid must to do so.

The dollar being the world’s reserve currency means 3rd world fiat currency controllers must support CBDC which are being seriously considered by the most powerful country in the world and our colonial masters.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it” – Upton Sinclair


The Federal Reserve is Americas central bank. Though privately owned, which is a whole article in itself, it is the body tasked with developing their CBDC. “Do no harm” if you trust them, is their goal as they aim to “Complement existing forms of money and support innovation and efficiency” – FEDS NOTES 02/24/2021

In 2020 during the pandemic, the digital dollar was discussed during the CARES Act negotiations in Congress. Janet Yellen is the current U.S Treasury Secretary and former Chair of the Federal reserve. She has continued to peddle the propaganda that Bitcoin, which is a decentralized online ledger thus available for anyone to scrutinize is mainly used for illicit activity.

Echoing her sentiment from Kenya in reference to Bitcoin, “If you want to invest in those things be ready to lose all your money” – Governor of Central Bank of Kenya, Dr. Patrick Njoroge. 


Across the Mediterranean Sea, Christine Lagarde is the President of the European Central Bank. The members comprise of various African colonial masters who are still very influential in the continent due to loans and aid taken post-independence. She vehemently opposes Bitcoin sighting the same debunked talking points as Yellen.

According to the ECB results of the public consultation on the digital euro, what Europeans desire in a CBDC is already provided by Bitcoin and much more. The document tries to show how Europeans do not prefer anonymity simply to justify the relevance of having an all-powerful central bank. 


Various central banks aim to achieve different goals with CBDC thus they are focused on a range of design considerations which include but are not limited to:

  • Accessibility
  • Caps / Limits
  • Degree of anonymity
  • Interest bearing or not
  • Token (e-money) or Account (e-deposit) based
  • The issuer being the central bank, commercial banks and or other parties
  • Transfer mechanism

Central banks across the world have numerous challenges that are in between them and invigorating their fiat based legacy financial system through CBDC. Increasing awareness of what Bitcoin is offering any person regardless of their country, is making it harder for them.

CBDC uncertainties:

  • Changes to commercial bank’s deposit and funding models
  • Changes to credit allocation and economy
  • Financial stability and the potential to increase ease of bank runs
  • Monetary policy implementation and transmission
  • Resilience of open payment infrastructures

The point on ‘Financial stability and the potential to increase ease of bank runs’ exposes central banks for the charlatans they are. Most Africans are not aware that fiat currency deposit to a bank is an unsecured loan to a bank with no guarantee of you getting your cash back.

Unlike most opaque Central Banks not just in Africa but globally, The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has taken the liberty to educate their citizenry of this fact. In the event of a bank bail in, you will not be able to withdraw all your funds at your convenience.

“People at times of crisis would convert their savings into digital euros, exacerbating bank runs or even upending the financial sectors business model altogether.” – Bundesbank

Once you decide to go down the Bitcoin rabbit hole with Free legitimate education resources are available online to get you started at your own pace of learning and on various medium: Audio/Visual podcasts, blogs, documentaries, lectures, newsletters, online courses and research papers. With your Bitcoin in your offline cold storage hardware wallet, banks cannot temporarily freeze or hold your money indefinitely to spend it to solve their problems at your expense.


Being beyond the reach of the United States Government (Uncle Sam) has only been a utopia to world leaders who do not align with their guidelines, policies, regulations, rules and values. CBDC present a very viable way to finally avoid sanctions. Iran and Venezuela are examples of countries whose governments have tinkered with CBDC to reduce the crippling effect U.S sanctions have on their economies.

The Central Bank of Iran is tinkering with “Crypto Riyal” as their CBDC. Sanctions under the United states government are a very big motivator for the project.

Venezuela is crippled with inflation and political instability has only served to amplify the suffering of the citizens of the communist country. Their petrol oil backed initial coin offering was a failure due to corruption thus distrust. Bitcoin is providing hope to many through donations and remittances as they chart a way forward in a very dark part of their history courtesy of a poor monetary system.  


The People’s Bank of China has already completed testing of their “Digital Currency Electronic Payment” project via Digital Yuan in Beijing, Shenzhen and Suzhou. Their sights are now set on Chengdu City. China’s ability to simply synchronize it with their credit score makes China Communist Party (CCP) human rights violation possibilities endless.

China’s ‘Belt and Road’ project is directly aimed at replacing the United States as the world’s most powerful nation. Sir Lanka is proof that China taking over strategic assets such as ports has many moving parts but still doable as debt service. The digital Yuan is their home made solution to getting rid of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. 3rd world African countries with huge loans that have mostly gone to fund corruption, stand no chance but to embrace it if China demands it.  


African do not need higher education to know that leaders who might as well be ancestors having ruled for numerous terms have failed them. The offspring of some ‘founding fathers’ who are now in power have still not eradicated poverty, illiteracy, hunger or disease despite having significantly bigger appetite for loans than their dads. Choosing Bitcoin and immediately emancipating one’s wealth from the mediocrity and manipulation of such mammals is the sole solution for every African.

To the authoritarian, dictatorial and or state captured 3rd world African ‘leaders’ CBDC are a wet dream. Begging the west while being forced to be signatories to various agreements they do not care how their citizenry is affected has not stopped them from getting the money to enrich themselves. China is the new master having lent significant sums for projects which were only rosy on paper thus no option but to burden citizens with more tax.

The ‘MAU MAU’ Freedom fighters led by legends such as Dedan Kimathi willingly fought and died fighting for Kenya’s independence. This final revolution thanks to technology will free yourself and the future of your family’s finances privately without your current masters knowing what happened. Choose mathematics and physics to be the new custodians of your money, devoid of manipulation by foreign powers or incompetent 3rd world leaders.

No African needs permission to buy and hodl Bitcoin. Simply recognize how the ‘leaders’ in the continent have exploited the fiat based legacy financial system to enslave you thus opt out through Bitcoin.


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