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The new normal has disenfranchised million across the globe due to COVID19 lockdown regulations thus loss of work and business closures. Entire industries will be forever changed with technological advancements as well as remote work set to utilize less human capital to produce the same if not superior products and services.

While in the west some individuals are actually earning more while staying home and being safe receiving stimulus packages, in Africa COVID19 stimulus checks are only in international news. Foreign aid to a very large degree does not reach the intended recipients, for instance the donations by Alibaba founder Jack Ma to Kenya were promptly diverted.

To put things into perspective, 2 Billion KES daily is lost to corruption in Kenya yet the state has given 4.5 Billion KES in car grants to councilors during a pandemic while getting aid from the east and west concurrently. As an African it is up to you to find greener pastures and this post is aimed at delivering just that.


Unemployment was already a plague especially to youth pre COVID19, the cryptocurrency echo system is however booming presenting a ray of hope in the new normal. There are numerous opportunities with many of them being remote positions working with international teams.

Take advantage of the “FREE LEGITIMATE BITCOIN EDUCATION RESOURCES” blog post to equip yourself with knowledge, skills and resources required to be more competent in this field.

Pomp Crypto Jobs

Antony Pompliano is a leader in the Bitcoin echo system with a daily blog followed by millions around the world. He launched this website to facilitate people to get out of the legacy financial system and get gainful employment in the Crypto space.

Crypto Jobs List

Discover over 2000+ open Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto jobs. You can connect with employers through a simple process and soon make the transition to a new industry.

“You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this and you will find strength.” – Marcus Aurelius

Proof of Talent

This is a technology recruiting firm focused exclusively on Blockchain and Crypto industry. You can submit your resume to be matched with an employer.


Simply create an account by filling in a simple questionnaire then uploading the necessary documentation for potential employers to view and contact you. 


Africa has a very high population growth rate with the majority being the youth. It is imperative to adapt to change by casting your net in the fast growing global Bitcoin industry.

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