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Free Legitimate Bitcoin Education


That is the second part to a popular Bitcoin echo system expression. Ignorance is never a defense, individuals in Bitcoin strive to enlighten others of the dangers of the legacy financial system many times to no avail. While “Number go up” – Bitcoin price action is what is now attracting most, it is important to gain knowledge on what you are investing in.

There are numerous free legitimate sources of Bitcoin education online. To keep you away from charlatans for instance shilling some useless trading algorithm, this list I wish I had as a beginner will have you master the basics at least in 1-day maximum. The following is a list of resources by individuals, institutions and companies dedicated to providing free legitimate Bitcoin education to those who are willing to go down the Bitcoin rabbit hole.


Bitcoin White Paper

The Bitcoin White paper by Satoshi Nakamoto should be the first you go through and everything else you learn should stay true to it. I emphasis this as in Bitcoin there are many people who want to subvert what Satoshi intended for their personal gain. Having stood the test of time for over a decade now, it is the sole authority on which everything else should rely on in the Bitcoin echo system. 

MIT Open Course Ware

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) through MIT Open Course Ware is gracious enough to provide for FREE MIT 15. S12 Blockchain and Money Fall 2018. Instructor: Professor Gary Gensler. You can get this on their website and or YouTube channel under the same title. I personally recommend this as I have gone through it multiple times.

Saylor Academy

Thanks to Micro Strategy founder and C.E.O Michael Saylor, you can get FREE online courses with accreditation. This will have you well on your way to not only participate in Bitcoin and Blockchain but also earn.

There are various remote job opportunities in Bitcoin and Blockchain technology highlighted in the “BITCOIN JOBS” blog post coming soon. The skills learnt at the Saylor Academy will give you an edge in getting these numerous opportunities in the new normal.


He is a leader in the Bitcoin echo system with a very popular daily podcast and also a Crypto jobs website. HisWhat is Bitcoin and why is it important? video is the most productive 77 minutes and 51 seconds you will ever spend on YouTube.

Make sure to subscribe to his channel to watch very many other videos with experts, professionals, investors and stake holders in the Bitcoin echo system. I will do a blog on “TOP 10 BITCOIN YOUTUBE CHANNELS” soon, for now you are in great hands.


Bitcoin Money is a book for Kids that is available on amazon with special offers if you buy a 10 or 30 pack. It has an audio book which is also translated to German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Finnish.

This is a great gift for a young one to give them a fun way to learn about Bitcoin, as they are the future.

I AM STILL LEARNING” – Michelangelo (Age87)


Education is a continuous process. In the Bitcoin echo system, the unity of purpose has millions of people around the world ready to provide guidance to new comers. Whenever you get stuck just start with me, I can help you understand and or do research for as both to learn more about any topic. No one has found the bottom of the Bitcoin rabbit hole yet.

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