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Master Guantai: The Kenyan Man Making Bitcoin Multilingual & Taking it to African Tribes

Guantai Kathurima is a young, Kenyan man with big ambitions.

He dreams of transforming Africa by translating bitcoin education into five different African languages. Why? So that he can take it to African communities and tribes.

It’s a sizable endeavour, but he is self-assured, with a nutty belief that things are possible when you have a brutal, sickening work ethic.

According to him, there are no shortcuts to success. That’s why on social media, he goes by the name “Master Guantai.” 

“I thought to myself that when you want to be a master, you must put in 10,000 hours. I owe it to myself to put in the 10,000 hours. Like so far, honestly, maybe I’ve done half of that because on a daily basis, I do three hours of exclusive studying [of bitcoin].”

There’s no denying he works hard.

Photo credit: Damian Patkowski

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