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Security While Handling Bitcoin


Security is extremely important when it comes to Bitcoin. Always getting the latest updates on software, observing best practices in regards to cyber security and having your pulse on any emerging threats via credible sources is of vital importance.

Being a stickler for detail when it comes to Bitcoin especially if you choose the most secure self-sovereignty path of NO-KYC is necessary. Horror stories from Citizen lab and alarming statistics in the latest (JULY – SEPTEMBER 2020) NATIONAL KE-CIRT/CC CYBERSECURITY REPORT by the Communications Authority of Kenya, are just a few indicators to take security seriously.


In 5 minutes get a list of recommendations from world leading security experts to make you safer online for FREE. Simply let them know what devices you use and a little about your digital habits.


Circumvent censorship while defending yourself against tracking and surveillance by downloading the Tor browser.


Browse 3X faster with the Brave browser. You can stay online safely and get paid in Cryptocurrency for blocking harmful advertisings as well as trackers. Available on Mac, Windows and Linux it is available for download for your mobile devices too.


2 Factor Authentication (2 FA) is important to give you an extra layer of online security. Authy is a leading 2 FA that is simple and secure. 

Don’t wait for an incentive, protecting your Bitcoin should be enough motivation to follow all the guidelines on this entire blog post haste.


Protect yourself from malware and with a new Virtual Private Network (VPN), Malwarebytes VPN will definitely give you next generation safety, faster.


Your personal initiative to protect yourself online will see you enjoy peace of mind. From your investment in Bitcoin being safe and secure to making sure no one is watching you on your webcam, take the initiative to follow the easy steps on the legitimate websites to secure your devices.

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